Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Celebrate MOM!

The sticky sucker hair, food on your clothes (that YOU didn't eat!), having to say "I'm not going to tell you again" - again, and again! But it's all worth it, right? It's the JOY of being a MOM!

Mother's Day is just around the corner! What better way to celebrate your mom or a "mom friend" with personalized stationery! It screams "I planned ahead" which is something I am really bad about! So, Mom, if you're reading this - I need some ideas!

*New colored envelopes available just in time for MD! Set of 12 cards with colored envelopes - $10.95. Limited colors and supplies available, so contact me to order or for more information!

Matching Mommy Cards (Playdate cards) are also available!

I hope all of my SWAK Moms and Mom friends have a nice, stress-free day with your family for Mother's Day! A perfect MD to me is sleeping (lots), a nice dinner with the family and then a hot bath with a glass of wine! Okay, so I'd take a pedicure and massage, too! May your day be as "relaxing"!

Hugs & KISSES~